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2022 Religious Appointment Calendar

The Religious Appointment calendar will feature a line art drawing of your church on the inside cover along with custom copy for you and your sponsor. Both the Lutheran and Episcopal versions list complete liturgical information and the Catholic version contains all necessary information for carrying out Catholic obligations. 

Canadian holidays are also shown.

Funeral preplan pages available.

Item No. 2022-CR/C (Catholic)
Item No. 2022-CR/L (Lutheran)
Item No. 2022-CR/E (Episcopal)

• 1 Full color cover
• 12 one-color monthly tear-off pages
• White calendar pad, information printed in brown


Calendar Size:
10 11/16” x 16″ open
10 11/16” x 8″ folded
Pad Size: 10 11/16” x 8″
Imprint Area: 10″ x 7″
Binding: Spiral Bound
Made in USA